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A.I. & Blockchain Research and Development

We are a leading data science firm with our own AI R&D center

What we OFFER

AI is evolving by leaps and bounds to start playing a crucial role in modern society. This technology triggers great shifts in such industries as healthcare, automotive, retail, construction, banking, advertising, and more. AI is about to change the job landscape and ways of service delivery.


The impact of AI on human life is steadily growing. As a team of data scientists and AI engineers, we are at the forefront of assisting businesses and individuals in adopting AI-driven technologies and transforming traditional operations.

DatALGORITHMICS is an AI research and R&D leader seeking ways to continuously improve expertise in the field, adopt state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches.

We favour a highly communicative approach - we take the time to meet with your team and establish the optimal way to utilise the data you are collecting. We also value transparency in our models - our data scientists know how to build state-of-the-art, interpretable models that predict, optimise and provide actionable recommendations. Lastly, we love automation - our highly skilled data engineers know the best way to deploy and scale the solution so that your business can start feeling the benefits of the project right away.

Above all, our clients value our ability to transfer knowledge of the solution to internal stakeholders, both from a technical and non-technical perspective. We do this by spending time on-site with your team to walk through the deliverables in person. Our goal is to build solutions that feel part of the everyday running of your business and measurably contribute to its success. We care that the services that we provide stand the test of time.

Why work with us

Highly Experienced Team

Our team includes professionals in what they do.

Contribution to Scientific Community

Our data scientists and machine learning engineers have strong academic backgrounds.

Multi-faceted Approach and Analysis

We always invest a lot of efforts in finding the most optimal technical solution for each client.

Extensive Domain Experience

Our team has extensive experience and deep domain know-how in big data and artificial intelligence solutions.

State-of-the-art Technologies

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and get the best possible results with the help of proven technologies.

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